Play Vintage and Classic Clubs

The Spirit of Golf

Greetings to all you fans of playing golf with clubs made before the modern era of carbon shafts huge headed drivers and cavity backs.  For twenty years as Past Masters we ran hickory golf events in Europe, Canada and here in the U.K. with over eighty sets of original pre-1930s clubs hand restored by me, Chris Homer, founder of the business in 1996, as the original hickory event company in Europe.

While we still offer repair and restoration services for hickory clubs we now concentrate on the fun of playing with not only hickory clubs but persimmons and blades, the classic equipment post-WW2 to around 1990 when the modern era clubs began to appear.

We are not turning back the clock but we do believe that playing with these earlier clubs broadens the understanding and appreciation of the game from the rather one-dimensional approach it has become.  Courses are getting ever longer in an attempt to counter the amazing distances that new equipment allow and the reliance on the wedge game in approach play and around the greens.

There are so many courses around the UK which are completely overwhelmed when played with modern equipment, the original design and intent of the architect no longer challenges the thinking or play of the golfer and the skills required to get from tee to green as envisaged in the original design are no longer required, which makes the game so much less enjoyable.

There is an increasing interest in playing what we like to call 'revival golf' with persimmons and blades readily and cheaply available to all.  So, why not take a break from those monster drivers and step back in time to expand your skills and experience and find a whole new level of enjoyment of the game we love.