I started repairing and restoring pre-1930s golf club (wooden shafted) more than twenty five years ago around the time I first started playing with them.  I became completely absorbed and fascinated by these wonderful clubs and within a few years I had restored enough to have thirty sets of playing clubs and started Past Masters to offer them for events.  Over the following years the numbers grew until there were over eighty sets and I was running events all over Europe and even in Canada.  It was great fun.  At the time I was pioneering this, in the UK and Europe and in the USA it was becoming increasingly popular.  Today there are hickory events and tournaments wherever golf is played and it is great to see this and to know that I was a pioneer of the game.

After over twenty years of running events I have hung up my rental sets and now concentrate on playing the game both hickory and classic and continue to restore and repair clubs.  I have an international reputation for my work and offer a repair and restoration service for wooden shafted clubs. Some clubs need a minimum of refurbishment, maybe some whipping, a new grip, others may need a complete rebuild.  Whatever the work, I enjoy putting the clubs that come to me into the very best order, usually for play, but sometimes as collectables or display clubs.  I get asked, too, to put together sets of clubs for players and enjoy matching them as far as is possible to the person concerned - shaft flex, swing weights and so on.

So whether you have a single club that needs attention or a set to find or to restore please get in touch.  I do not have a list of charges because every job is different but my prices are very reasonable and am delighted to chat and also to offer any advice if you want to 'have a go' yourself at your restoration!